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EU added-value

ICARE students

Why educating our competitors, what is the benefit for Europe renewable energy sector?

These were the most important questions to be answered when starting the project. First of all, China is the biggest world CO2 emitter and it is of paramount importance to help them taking the renewable energy path in the best conditions. Sharing an education programme will create a fruitful collaboration atmosphere and mutual confidence between Universities, which is the key to develop common research activities. Such an Institute will operate as a bridge between European companies R&D departments and their Chinese counterparts.

Chinese students will receive the same education delivered by the same professors than EUREC students. Creating the contact between these two networks of young renewable energy engineers represents a challenge to be kept in mind. Human relationship relying on a common view constitutes a strong basis for the development of collaboration but also for the development of Renewable Energy as a whole.

Published on: 27 November 2012 12:49
MINES ParisTech